Six “Must Don’ts” for an effective First Nations Engagement Strategy

In this second installment in our series of "must dos and don’ts” for an effective First Nations engagement strategy, we are providing six “don’ts” that in our experience should be avoided. Some are very obvious, some might surprise you. The most important aspect of effective engagement with [...]

The Sparrow Case Affirms Constitutionally Protected Aboriginal Rights

The 1990 Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Sparrow was the first Supreme Court of Canada decision which applied s. 35,  of the Constitution Act, 1982 which states “The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed”. In the foundational [...]

Two “Must Dos” for an Effective First Nations Engagement Strategy

When building an effective First Nations engagement strategy or program, there are many simple things you can do which will go a long way to getting your relationship off to a good start. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be offering some “must dos” and “must don’ts” for your consideration [...]

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